Elizabeth Crane
Elizabeth CraneTax Professional
With over 14 years of experience, Elizabeth is an expert in all areas of taxation including individual, LLC, corporate, partnership, state and local taxes. Liz’s Tax service works to maximize your tax saving and help people resolve their tax problems and get rid of their tax headaches. Let Liz tackle your basic tax filing or more complex tax resolutions and hard-to-solve cases.

Tax Services Located Right Here In Webb City

Taxes aren’t easy, no matter what kind of IRS problems you are having, Liz Tax Service can help you. Don’t wait any longer to call us. Liz can help with any of your accounting and bookkeeping needs. Liz Tax Service can help you with anything from income tax filing for business or individuals to back tax issues with the IRS. With over 14 years of tax experience Liz is who you want by your side!

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If you don’t find the tax services you need here please contact us.  We do many other custom things you may need that aren’t listed here.

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With 14 years of tax experience Liz is the tax expert. One of our goals is to provide you with tax services that are fast and accurate!With our “sleep like a baby guarantee” you don’t have to worry about your tax preparation and returns.

Liz Tax Service is in business for your business. We have a special focus on small business accounting. Our vision is to provide you the knowledge and services of a large tax firm with a personal touch.

So you forgot to file your taxes last year and now you don’t know what to do? We have a solution for you. We know that life happens and sometime things are overlooked. Come in today and let us help you figure out what is the next step for you in filing your prior year tax return.

Liz will be by your side through your tax preparation and filing. She will work tirelessly to get you the best tax resolution available.

Why Choose Us?

Liz is your tax expert. Her mission is to help you navigate and solve any of your IRS tax problems. Take advantage of Liz’s “Sleep Like A Baby Guarantee”.  With over 14 years of experience Liz understands and will take care of your tax problems so you don’t have to worry about your taxes.


Very fast at getting our taxes done. And great advice!

Sydney Pirtle

Not only are you awesome at what you do, you are great company and an amazing woman!!

Christina Wilson

Liz always does my Taxes and does a great job!!!

Lacey Crane

Liz is absolutely wonderful. First time in her office will not be our last time. She helped us in so many ways. It was also a pleasure meeting her father. He is an awesome guy!

Marty McCrorey

She has done my taxes since 2006 without me being audited. She fixed a bug my ex husband tried from the year before that and I have been more than pleased with her timeliness and brain. Even the tax attorney I had to consult was amazed at her research in putting my ex husband back in charge of his own IRS debt.

Chris N Theresa Gress

Just had my taxes done at Liz’s Tax Service and l would highly recommend her to anyone needing their taxes done. Great service. She made everything look easy and had them done very fast. Plus, she doesn’t charge you the outrageous fees that the other tax services do.
Thanks Liz!!!

Jerry Pete Jones

Liz Tax service is great ! Reduced my debt to irs by thousands because of her knowledge. Liz you are awesome and appreciate everything you did.

Salina Schwartz

Liz has always done my taxes and the one time I tried myself.. Well, now she has to fix that 2010 mistake.. Gr
geat service and I will never go elsewhere..

Shoghi Sanchez

Great service, friendly people, informative, quick, and happy to get you the best outcome! Highly recommend them to all my friends! Liz is great!

Penny Collister

If you need your taxes done, you really need to go see Liz…..she is AWESOME at and knows what she is doing for sure!!!!!

Crystal Todd Shryock